Recruitment by Headhunting

Description of organization

Based on interviews with customers and employees.

Recruitment profile

After appointment by the client Flexibility creates a recruitment profile which covers the essential requirements of the employment, difficulties and opportunities.

Selection, interview and testing

Tested personal profile is matched with required profile.

Presentation of a maximum of three candidates

Flexibility makes a written presentation for the client. Evaluation by Flexibility and the client before the next step.

Candidate presentation

Both parties decide whether the cooperation continues. This step does not obligate further cooperation.

Selected candidate/candidates

References will be given when the terms of employment are finalised and both parties are in agreement.


Follow up

After recruitment Flexibility remains in contact with the client for six months, or longer if requested. Feedback from the client and recruited employee is possible if the clients wishes.

Client Selected Candidates

Consulting support for internal and/or external recruitment and personnel planning with a view to assisting personnel selection and decision making.